Over the last couple weeks, many people have asked what is the Land & Water Conservation Department and what does it do for Forest County?  Well, if you locate the new website www.forestcountylandandwater.org , you may find out.  Also, as per the Forest County Website www.forestwi.gov  under Land Conservation, you’ll see that the Land and Water Conservation Department (LWCD) provides local leadership in carrying out programs that conserve our Land and Water resources. Under the direction of the Land and Water Conservation Committee (LWCC), the LWCD and LWCC are the primary links locally for Conservation Programs. 

The LWCD provides educational and technical assistance to the public on land and water resource management. Lake and stream conservation, erosion control, farmland preservation, nonmetallic mining and resource restoration activities are just a few of the areas the LWCD works in.” A primary duty of the department is to work on and meet goals as established in the Forest County Land &Water Resource Management Plan (LWRM). The LWRM is the guiding document on the priorities for the department. You will see more information on the LWRM in future issues of the Conservation Corner.

What does this mean to you as a reader?  If you own land in Forest County and need information on managing or protecting natural resources on your property, give us a call, email us or stop in the office and maybe we can help.  If you see a potential natural resources issue in your area, give us a call, we need your help. We also have contacts with programs that provide additional technical and financial assistance for landowners.

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Conservation Corner is a weekly article produced by the Forest County Land &Water Conservation Department. For more information contact Steve Kircher, County Conservationist-Land Information/GIS Director at 715-478-1387 or by e-mail at .