Forest County Land & Water/Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition

Invasive Species Trade-Up Day Event Coming to Crandon

The Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition (WRISC), in partnership with Forest County  Land and Water Conservation Division, is hosting an Invasive Species Trade-Up Day event in Crandon, WI on June 2nd from 9 AM until 4 PM at the Forest County Courthouse (by the Tank).

Trade-Up Days are an opportunity for landowners to remove an invasive shrub from their property, such as Japanese Barberry, Buckthorn, Exotic Honeysuckles, or Burning Bush, and exchange the plant for a native one from the Forest County Conservation Native Plant Sale. Landowners can also receive a monetary voucher to buy a native plant replacement at next year’s plant sale. Each voucher is worth $5, and you are able to receive up to $50 if you bring in 10 or more invasive species! Likewise, you can receive up to 10 plants!

For specific details, visit our event’s page at We encourage you to pre-register, but it is not required! Thank you for doing your part to stop the spread of invasive species!

The Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition (WRISC), a multi-partner organization representing five counties in two states, is dedicated to managing invasive species on our lands and waters through cooperation, education, prevention, and control.

For more information, please contact Katherine Mentel, WRISC Project Manager, at or 906-774-1550 ext.104 or Forest County Land & Water at or 715-478-1387.