Forest County Association of Lakes (FCAL) is proud to announce this year’s essay contest winners from the 5th and 6th grades of Crandon, Laona and Wabeno schools. 

This year’s essay theme was “ Aquatic Invasive Species and How They Affect Forest County Lakes and Streams”.  The essays were judged by 12 volunteers from FCAL.  They were judged on content, composition and originality.  3 prizes are awarded to each school:  !st place wins $100, 2nd place wins $50 and 3rd place $25.  The Crandon 5th grade moved the judges for Crandon to create 2 honorable mention awards this year of $10 each.  In addition to these cash awards, the winners and their parents are invited to attend FCAL’s Fall Banquet in October where the winners will be honored by the FCAL members attending. 

And the winners are: 

Crandon: From left:  Auron Garrow HM, Kylie Thiel HM, Pam Schroeder FCAL President, Cilla Packard 3rd place, Lindsey Mihalko 2nd Place, Peyton Hauser 1st place.  
Wabeno: From left:  Kendric Allen 6th grade teacher, Addisyn Lochen 1st place, Torie Rosio 3rd place, Ava Hanmann 2nd place, Pam Schroeder FCAL President. 
Laona: From left:  Melissa Chrisman, Elementary Principal, Pam Schroeder, FCAL President, Cameron Tilton, 1st Place, Braiden Kelley, 3rd place, Mike Chrisman, 5th grade teacher. 
Laona: From left:  Dan Lazzeroni, 6th grade teacher, Melissa Chrisman, Elementary Principal, Pam Schroeder, FCAL President, Faith Novak, 2nd place, Michelle Ferm, 5th & 6th grade reading teacher.