Welcome Back to Conservation Corner.  First, let introduce myself, Steve Kircher, as the new County Conservationist-Land Information/GIS Director.  As I settle in to an office that’s been vacant since this summer, I want to thank the Forest County Land Conservation and Personnel Committees and their confidence in my ability to serve the landowners, farmers, loggers and communities in the protection and enhancement of our wonderful natural resources.

As I begin this new adventure I would also like to thank my predecessor and continue the programs and initiatives that he started/established.  The people of Forest County can look forward to new and exciting programming from the Land & Water Conservation Department. Please watch this paper for weekly installments for projects and updates of what is happening in the Land & Water Conservation Department.

Conservation Corner is a weekly article produced by the Forest County Land &Water Conservation Department. For more information contact Steve Kircher, County Conservationist-Land Information/GIS Director at 715-478-1387 or by e-mail at .