Forest County Farmers and Landowners, you may have received a survey in the mail from our office at the end of 2019.  Land Conservation Technician, Cassidy Neilitz, put the survey together and has been receiving your responses.  This week, she put together a Flow Chart to explain the process.

Step 1: On-Site Visit 

Conservation Staff will meet with the Landowner/Grantee onsite to discuss the project. 

Step 2: Permit Application Submission

The landowner will submit any required permits. 

Step 3: Conduct Site Survey

If required, Conservation Staff will work with a Surveyor to conduct a site survey with landowner permission.

Step 4: Design Plan 

Conservation Staff will design the project to meet the applicable Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) standards. This design will include cost estimates as well as specifications. 

Step 5: Plan Approval

Conservation Staff will submit the plan to a DATCP Engineer. The DATCP Engineer will review the design plana and note any required alterations to be made. 

Step 6: LCC Approval

Conservation Staff will present the approved design plan to the Land Conservation Committee and they will vote on the allocation of funds to support the project. 

Step 7: Landowner Consultation

Conservation Staff will meet with the Landowner/Grantee to review the design plan, estimated costs, and the contractor selection process. 

Step 8: Contractor Selection

The Landowner will work with the Conservation Staff to select a contractor to install the practice. 

Step 9: Contract Signing 

The Landowner/Grantee must sign the required contracts before a Notary Public and submit them to the Department. 

Step 10: Owners Contact Contractor 

The Landowner/Grantee should notify their selected contractor and establish an approximate time for project installation. 


Step 11: Project Installation

The Contractor should notify Conservation Staff of the impending installation of the project. 

Step 12: Installation Approval 

Conservation Staff will work with the DATCP Engineer to determine if the project was properly installed. 

Step 13: Payment is Disbursed 

The Department will issue a two-party check to the Landowner/Grantee and the Contractor. The Landowner/Grantee should sign this check and forward it to the Contractor. 

Step 14: Project Monitored (Operation & Maintenance Period) 

Conservation Staff will periodically visit the property to verify the project is being properly operated and maintained.