From Wisconsin Woodland Owners Group:

Living in a technology world gives us some great tools and resources at the touch of a button or the touch of a screen. Apps on our smart phone or tablet can make our lives a bit easier and organized. 

Here are some apps to help us in our woods, whether to help us with identification or safely spend time in our woods… “There’s an app for that!”

Plant Identification

  • Wisconsin Wildflower– Includes over 2,500 species of plants found in Wisconsin. You give the app specific information about the plant, and key it out with the help of the app.
  • Leafsnap– Identify all types of plants with a quick snap of a picture!
  • Mushroom ID– Easily identify mushrooms from a picture.
  • VTree– From Virginia Tech, it contains tree identification for species across North America with in-depth information.


  • All Trails– Your guide to the outdoors. Discover all types of trails whether you are hiking, running, or biking, you’ll find a trail for you.
  • Geocaching– Join the largest treasure hunting community! Go on an adventure and find your first, or your 100th geocache with all the tools needed with this app.
  • Oh Ranger! Park Finder– Find State and National Parks near you! Get it at Apple Store

Wildlife & Insects

  • Hunt Wild Wisconsin– Find new public lands to explore, see regulations, track your hunt and more!
  • iNaturalist– Discover new species near and far. Record your own observations and connect with naturalist who can help you learn about nature.
  • Picture Insects– Identify insects in a flash by taking snapshots or uploading your own photo.

Safety First!

First Aid

  • American Red Cross– Get first aid help, find hospitals and more!
  • OSHA Heat Safety– Get heat alerts from OSHA and find out if it’s too hot to be working outside.

GPS tracking/Emergency Contact

  • Cairn– This app took to the top of our list, fast. This app is especially helpful for those who have large areas of land to walk through. GPS tracks your hike through your woods, and if you haven’t reached a set destination or returned back home by a certain time, this app will alert your loved ones with either text messages or emails. It also will let your loved ones know if you had cell service and your phone’s battery level. We tested it ourselves!