Each year the National Association of Conservation Districts has a poster contest open to grades K-12 for public, private, or home school students. Each poster created must go through a Local/County contest before advancing on to Area, State, and Nationals. We hosted ours here at Forest County in January and had a good turnout for posters entered. We received 74 posters from students K-12 in the Laona School District and the Crandon School District. The theme for the 2024 Poster Contest this year was “May the Forest be With You, Always”. The students that took 1st Place at the local level advanced to the Area Contest which was hosted in Oneida County on February 6th, 2024. The North Central Land and Water Conservation Assocation consists of 9 area counties. We had 3 students place at the Area Contest and they were Jayden Seiler (2nd place), Madelyne Tilton (1st Place), and Ariah Peterson (2nd Place). Because Madelyne Tilton took 1st Place at the Area Contest, she will advance to the State Contest which will take place at the 2024 Wisconsin Land+Water Conference in Green Bay, WI on March 6-8th. The Forest County Land and Water Conservation Department would like to thank all of the participating schools, teachers, parents, and students for a successful 2024 Poster Contest!

Winners of the local contest are: 

Back Row L to R: Madelyne Tilton, Emmalyn Seiler, Thomas Perry, Penelope Towle, Allison Albrecht, and Forest County Conservation Technician Kayla Littleton
Front Row L to R: Jayden Seiler, Nariya Hackey, Annie Bertrand, Danny Hoffman, and Hudson Harrison. Not Pictured: Olivia Shepard

Kindergarten – 1st Grade

1st Place – Danny Hoffman (Laona)
2nd Place – Annie Bertrand (Laona)
3rd Place – Hudson Harrison (Laona)

2nd – 3rd Grade

1st Place – Jayden Seiler (Laona)
2nd Place – Nariya Hackey (Laona)
3rd Place – Olivia Shepard (Laona)

4th– 6th Grade

1st Place – Emmalyn Seiler (Laona)
2nd Place – Penelope Towle (Laona)
3rd Place – Thomas Perry (Laona) 

7th– 9th Grade 

1st Place – Madelyne Tilton (Laona)
2nd Place – Cash Teschner (Crandon)
3rd Place – Jazmine Weso (Crandon)

L to R: Cash Teschner, Ariah Peterson, Jazmine Weso.
Not Pictured: Kaylee Kegley

10th – 12th Grade

1st Place – Ariah Peterson (Crandon)
2nd Place – Allison Albrecht (Laona)
3rd Place – Kaylee Kegley (Crandon)