Forest County is a partner and supporter of the Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition (WRISC). WRISC is a coalition which seeks and obtains grant funding from many sources to provide services to Forest, Florence, and Marinette Counties in Wisconsin and Dickinson and Menominee Counties in Michigan. Since 2009 WRISC has completed invasive species education, management and control in many areas across the 5-county region. The mission of WRISC is dedicated to the management of our lands and waters through cooperation, education, prevention and control.

WRISC provides services to private landowners, organizations, and municipal partners.  There is no cost to become a partner, it only takes agreement with a memorandum of understanding between your group and WRISC.  Larger numbers of partners will improve the chances for WRISC to obtain grants.

I would encourage every group with an interest to sign on to become a partner with WRISC.  Let’s work together to fight invasive species on our lands and in our waters.

A primary goal of WRISC in 2021 will be inventory and management of invasive species populations on road rights-of-way. There is a particular concern with wild parsnip which has greatly expanded its populations within rights-of-way and also provides health dangers to the public.  This summer, WRISC is planning several “pulls” in Forest County.  You can find information about these events on their website

You may see WRISC’s Strike Team out and about in Forest County or neighboring counties this summer.  They are getting into their field season and will be busy locating and eradicating invasive species.

Again, more information about WRISC can be found at or give them a call at 906-447-1550 extension 102.

If you need assistance for invasive species or think you know of areas with invasive species, give us a call at the Land Conservation Department or give WRISC a call.

Conservation Corner is a weekly article produced by the Forest County Land &Water Conservation Department. For more information contact Steve Kircher, County Conservationist-Land Information/GIS Director at 715-478-1387 or by e-mail at .